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target wonderland

Target Wonderland was a magical mega pop-up for the holidays, featuring a series of whimsical, immersive experiences including a giant Lego pirate ship ball pit and a colossal Etch-A-Sketch. Guests used their RFID laminate to shop for holiday gifts, which were delivered by gloved Santa hands through a scenic fireplace. 

As Project Manager, I led the guest experience and programming, RFID technology integration, and trained an army of brand ambassadors to engage with consumers over the two week long pop-up. Sourcing an authentic Santa for a two week commitment was no easy feat. 

Produced for David Stark Design & Production | Creative Director: David Stark | Photo Credit: Susie Montagna

Press: Forbes | Fortune  | Business Insider                         Awards:  2016 Silver Ex-Award for Best Pop-Up Store from Event Marketer

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