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Niki is an executive-level leader passionate about creating immersive and artful experiences for artists, brands, designers, festival teams, and non-profit organizations. Her work includes experiential marketing events, music festivals, trade shows, press and tech conferences, product launches, charity and museum galas, and private celebrations spanning cities across the U.S., Asia, Europe and North Africa. 


With a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of fabrication, she collaborates with creative teams from concept to execution, providing creative strategy filtered through an experienced production lens. Skilled at working with clients to understand their brand directives and desires, she has built trusting relationships that fostered long-term collaborations. 


Niki brings worry-free experienced production leadership and effective team management skills to every project,  providing mentorship to young talent along the way. 

Next up, she looks forward to launching a series of pop-ups in Boulder under her company, Nikipedia LLC. 

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