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Virtual Vegas

In 2017 the City of Las Vegas engaged a selection of artists and designers across 5 different disciplines to imagine a virtual experience of Las Vegas through their own lens, showcasing the city as a destination for cutting edge arts and culture. Virtual Vegas: Alter Your Reality, brought these VR experiences to life at an event during Miami Art Week through an immersive VR journey in a vacant gallery space in Wynwood. The gallery was completely transformed into 5 immersive environments aligning with each artist's VR experience design.

As Executive Producer, I managed location scouting and the development of the project from concept to execution, working with multiple agency teams and utilizing local market vendors to execute the project on budget. #VirtualVegas welcomed thousands of guests over a 3-day period. 


Produced for agency We Are BMF | Project Designer: Jason Neufeld | Creative Director: Juliana Jaramillo

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